The Income In order to obtain more exhibition, it will have to in line pass some in the agencies of marketing of third parties, such as the services of construction of connections, banners, blogs and commentaries. The income liabilities can totally be semiautomatic and automated. Semiautomatic they are methods that they require to construct a work of field before the campaign can work and begin to generate income current. This method needs solid base and the total commitment in the very early phase. The failure to obtain this will be translated in a failure. methods semi-automatic require very small initial costs and, sometimes, almost free. Some examples of this are the announcements of blogs of niche of the flag, and the connection, commentaries of affiliates, real estate agent in line, the affiliates of and-I deal or personal warehouse of electronic commerce, etc methods Totally automated talks about like a method of sluggish marketing. This system was perfected by its salesmen so that when registering themselves and paying, that are called on its data in her and to begin to make money. The advantages are, you you do not have to worry about the work because of the configuration, installation and commercialization. This must to that those tasks appear in the form of which already they have paid. Some examples of this are sites ready to use Web for the announcements of banner and Link, minisites of affiliates, lists of automated, ready to use electronic mail of sites of electronic commerce, money that makes software as of currencies, the sites of adhesion, the formation of coaching/, investments, etc Creation of one rents passive cannot make money, although the final mission is to make much money of passive form. When a passive entrance is created, that is creating a system that does not have...
Mystery Shopping What technologies do we use? The method of evaluating service Mystery shopping or "mystery shopping" in itself is a technique (technology). Russian standards do not differ from international, as taken over from Western colleagues. Standards or general principles are fairly simple: two-sided estimate (implementation of corporate standards and the attractiveness of the network to customers). Compliance sampling mystery shoppers target audience. Constant rotation of the secret customers. Adequate (not overloaded) form - the number of disclosed information in the questionnaire should not exceed the amount, the potential for storing the average person. Pre-development scenario and instructing appraisers (a legend of mystery shoppers required, mandatory comments on certain issues, the scale of assessment of the implementation of corporate standards). The principle of correctness (the staff checked the network should be warned about the leadership of the control). 2. Aspects of the evaluation and final selection of drill blocks defined by the customer profiles based on the assigned tasks for the company. We develop an adequate questionnaire - readable and understandable guide to the network, valued staff and mystery shoppers. The form should be as convenient for network managers on subsequent screenings and treatment - not overloaded with comments (The same phrase from month to month cease to be perceived), subject to automatic processing (integration of quality indicators in points). With time and changing the form of tasks can be transformed. Full set of blocks forms the following: Foreign attraction areas (convenience location, design, cleanliness of the surrounding area, windows and doors).