Ukrainian A. Why not? Human feelings and qualities have no territorial or national boundaries. Q. How do you think, as a dentist, you have the opportunity succeed abroad according to your specialty? A. Sure is. I do believe that in any profession or specialty can succeed anywhere, it would wish. Striving for success, hard work, good professional quality - and success is assured. B. For me, Ukraine is a country - an enigma, very beautiful. There are many educated and intelligent people. It would seem that there are so many possibilities and potential and all the same to So far your state is developing with great difficulty. Do you think that life in Ukraine is better? You feel better living in Ukraine? A. I do not believe this issue is correct as if I did respond to it you can not understand the whole Indeed, perhaps because of different mindset, perhaps because you live in another country. There are many different nuances that can not be answered unequivocally. Frankly, the discussion of this aspect of our country to a citizen of another countries hurt my patriotic feelings. Moreover, I do not think that the economic or political situation of our country can affect the relationship between the Ukrainian women and potential husbands foreigners. Q. How do I Why do you think Ukrainian women are so popular among men around the world? A. Because they embody all the qualities that should have a real woman in every man's dream. Somehow Ukrainian connect a comprehensive love, boundless tenderness, sensitivity, where a weakness and at the same time - a furious determination, perseverance, strength, and courage.
Administrative Procedure It initiates investigation on verification of the facts, previous to the opening of the sanctioning file. In phase of verification the AEPD can ask for to the presumed violator whichever documentation considers pertinent. Although the LOPD does not indicate anything on the right of defense of the presumed violator, in the application of Art. 79 of Law 30/92 of the Administrative Procedure, this one will be able to realise whichever allegations considers advisable; and to realise actual verifications, and in this case the inspector will write up act that will be offered for the company/signature of the investigated one where this one will be able to also carry out allegations. Like reasons for defense, in both cases, besides the materials, we could allude to formal reasons or of procedure, as they could be those of prescription of the facts. If it is verified that indeed the right is being harmed, the Agency can act of two different ways. 1 Aplicar the figure of the warning. For it will have to verify the concurrence of the demanded requirements previously commented so that it is applied. In this point, and remembering that one of the applicable requirements is the nonsanction or previous warning, to indicate that if previously the violator had been sanctioned, or warned previously, one would be due to verify that the sanction will have prescribed, in which case would be possible to be applied again the warning. Term will be granted to him so that it realises the propose cogoverning measures, and in case it did not apply them it would initiate sanctioning investigation. 2 Abrir sanctioning file, in which case y S.A. term of the same would impose described penalty as it weighs or it burdens the sanctioned one could resort before the National Hearing asking for the...