Mystery Shopping What technologies do we use? The method of evaluating service Mystery shopping or "mystery shopping" in itself is a technique (technology). Russian standards do not differ from international, as taken over from Western colleagues. Standards or general principles are fairly simple: two-sided estimate (implementation of corporate standards and the attractiveness of the network to customers). Compliance sampling mystery shoppers target audience. Constant rotation of the secret customers. Adequate (not overloaded) form - the number of disclosed information in the questionnaire should not exceed the amount, the potential for storing the average person. Pre-development scenario and instructing appraisers (a legend of mystery shoppers required, mandatory comments on certain issues, the scale of assessment of the implementation of corporate standards). The principle of correctness (the staff checked the network should be warned about the leadership of the control). 2. Aspects of the evaluation and final selection of drill blocks defined by the customer profiles based on the assigned tasks for the company. We develop an adequate questionnaire - readable and understandable guide to the network, valued staff and mystery shoppers. The form should be as convenient for network managers on subsequent screenings and treatment - not overloaded with comments (The same phrase from month to month cease to be perceived), subject to automatic processing (integration of quality indicators in points). With time and changing the form of tasks can be transformed. Full set of blocks forms the following: Foreign attraction areas (convenience location, design, cleanliness of the surrounding area, windows and doors).
Affiliate Marketing Nowadays the industry of Affiliate Marketing and selling products over the Internet in general, has grown very fast. This is because more people have chosen both to buy and to sell on the Internet by comforts and advantages offered by this medium. A platform that offers products for purchase and sale, is ClickBank. ClickBank, although it is not well known among the population in general as some other sites on the Internet, actually is one of the well established Affiliate Marketing veterans.When Clickbank gave home to your affiliate network?This company was founded in 1998, when the Internet was just beginning to take off in a big way. But even in those early days, ClickBank knew that there would be a future in the creation of an online marketplace where companies could sell your digital products.Now what types of products are sold?Most of the products that are sold on this platform are e-books or e-books, but also some companies offer software, memberships or subscriptions. Since 1998, ClickBank processing an average of nearly 20,000 orders a day. Since 2007 sales have risen to 1 million daily.But how does this site for affiliate marketing?It brings together sellers with their goods to sell, along with the people who want to buy these products, and people who are willing to take those products and promote them on the Web. ClickBank affiliate-people who want to work through this company as affiliates, are looking for a product that interests them and get a link from affiliate that you serve to promote it. If they achieve a sale through the retrieved link, the owner of the product disburses a Commission for each sale.It should be clarified that you, as a seller or affiliate, are not employed by the owner of the product or ClickBank, since many people think...