Operational Plan Removing Mikroskleroterapiya reticulum (supply) veins, spider veins of small intradermal (telangiectasia). The procedure is performed using ultrathin needles, so it is practically painless. In the spider veins (telangiectasia) is injected sclerosant, resulting in their disappearance. Foam Form sclerotherapy most modern way of non-surgical treatment of varicose veins based on the introduction of their clearance sclerosant in the form of microbubbles. To date - this is the most effective method of sclerotherapy, which allows to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. Echo-sclerotherapy includes a sclerotherapy under ultrasound guidance. Varicose veins can occur not only immediately under the skin, but at a certain depth (0.5-2 cm). Conduct of sclerotherapy of varicose veins in such cases can only be controlled ultrasound scanner. A monitoring ultrasonic scanning phlebologist estimates closing the lumen of the vein and therapeutic effect. This method is, in some cases can postpone surgery for a long time period of time or avoid it. Outpatient surgery with the patient's discharge during the day in some cases may need surgery - removal of varicose veins. Operational Plan intervention is made individually for each patient on the basis of duplex scanning. Apply the most forgiving European art removal veins Phlebology famous world-famous (Oesch, Muller, Varady). This allows for intervention with the maximum comfort for the patient. The clinic is often used local anesthesia (tumescent), which not only allows patients to write out the same day after surgery, but avoid unnecessary anesthesia. Miniflebektomiya (mikroflebektomiya) Method of removal of varicose veins. With the help of special tools varicose veins are removed through small punctures of the skin (1-3 mm). Immediately after surgery the patient can walk, but after 2-3 months no one would guess that the foot was operated on. Individual selection of medical compression hosiery Compression therapy is an essential component of...
Estonia Yosep stealing from the safe of his father, freak hunting weapons. Ends with a bloodbath at the school canteen ... The film's director said: "In Estonia itself of the kind. But we remember the tragic events of Columbine in college in 1999, when two students - 17 and 18 years old - was shot a few dozen fellow students and teachers themselves and committed suicide. 'Columbine syndrome' may hit different countries. So our movie is not so much about a particular event, but rather about causes of school violence. " So, we are faced with three questions whose answers we can truly simulate the behavior of an ideal life enters into a young man in a hostile world (after all, if we're not going to search for ideal behavior in the present, why do anything at all to read or watch?): 1. What is the motivation of students, pushing them to the humiliation of Yosepom? 2. The reasons impelled by Caspar and Yosepa to take the plunge? Could this step be any different? 3. What should substitute the enemy when burning is both cheeks? We examine these questions in order. 1. WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION OF STUDENTS, pushing them to mockery YOSEPOM? As has been said (and the film is clearly visible), children (including - teens) are without any parental attention and general attention from adults. The world is cruel to them, and they repays him in kind, as they develop in exactly as required by existing conditions subject to the strong and weak inhibiting, while fully expecting to life only for themselves and their past accomplishments, prestige and status - may be useful in the present and future.