Systemization After making an unsystematic first and systematic reading later, trilogy of novels by Samuel Beckett Molloy, Malone dies and the Unnamable (Gove Press. New York, 1955, 1956, 1958) and the novel by Jose Donoso the obscene bird of night (Seix Barral, Spain, 1970), this reader concluded that the significant core of both productions was that of identity as a problem. But despite present versions of the self in emergency, basic conception of identity - perhaps implied - it was opposite in both authors. For example, it is difficult to stop thinking about dopey/Humberto Penaloza in Donoso's novel, in their endless search for identity if we listen to the Innombrable, in the novel by the Irish author and that closes the trilogy of novels previously mentioned cycle. I'm not, no need to say it, Murphy, or Watts, or Mercier, I can not even encourage me to name them, nor to any of the others of same names I forgot, they told me that I was them, that should trying to be them, by compulsion or fear, or to prevent recognize me (The Unnamable, in Three Novels by Samuel Beckett, Grove Press, New York, 1965, p. 326.) Translation mine). To this uncertain individuality will correspond a kind of marginal character in social physical plane: Molloy et Malone meurt ces deux derniers roimans jeu mettent les themes, chers l auteur of the dereliction of the solitude et de egarement., says Dominique Leduc in Samuel Beckett, Hatier, Brussels, 1986, page 12 characters from Beckett from More Pricks than Kicks (1934) and Murphy (1934) to How it is (1961)they correspond, if we want to use a trial of Impressionist, vagabonds, grosella, clochards, physically reduced to a minimum and mentally claudicantes, whose main activity is the permanent and incessant discourse, speculation, the inventory of their possessions...
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bus Tours This article will not be considered criteria for choosing a travel company where you could request the organization of their leisure time. This subject is widely covered, both online and in other media. Publication As one specific way to spend leisure time, namely, bus tours. And its goal - to help the reader understand that, if he comes this holiday. What is meant by bus tours? Bus transfer from the Egyptian Pyramids to Petra, Jordan (palace carved into the rock) - it's not a bus tour, it is - an extreme. A trip to the sights of Moscow or St. Petersburg on Icarus, it's not a bus tour and tour. Bus tour - it comfortable modern car with comfortable seating and large windows and beautiful roads in Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and even, through a tunnel under the English Channel, England (UK). In summary, form under the bus tour we mean bus tours in Europe. And even though the border between Europe and Asia runs along the Ural mountains, in our case it is practically on the Limits of the socialist camp. I want to make a reservation immediately. Despite the fact that the title of the article mentions the advantages and disadvantages of travel on buses, we will talk about the merits. The reason is quite simple - that for a traveler would be an advantage, then, for another it may be a disadvantage. So, basically, we consider the bus tours to the positive side, noting, briefly, some inconvenience may arise during the trip.