European Union They had signed the Protocol of Kyoto, set of means of litigating that stipulated the reduction in 5,2% of the emission of gases greenhouse, in relation to the 1990 levels, between 2008 and 2012. In meanwhile the United States, responsible greaters for the emission of these gases, if had denied to sign it for the impact that it would cause in its economy. In December of the passed year, in Copenhagen, Conference of United Nations occurred 15 on Change of the Climate. Although it has found the same impediments seen in Japan (with the reinforcement of the European Union), what if it saw in the Danish capital raises was it of the emergent countries, between which Brazil, for the adoption of measures emergencies. Moreover, weight names, as United States former-Vice-President and Prize Nobel of the Peace Al Gore and cineasta Canadian James Cameron, are engaged in this fight, what it still confers one weight bigger to the question. New power plants are searched incessantly. In Portugal, the government of Jose Scrates determined, in 2006, that if it searchs more efficient a economic growth from the use of reduction and power plants you renewed of the emission of the .causing gases of the effect greenhouse. In Iceland, of the impronuncivel volcano Eyjafjallajkull, 80% of the energy of the country is renewable, being 80% of this total generated for geothermal plants and 20% of the plants hydroelectric plants, and intention is that, in a well next future, if reach the totality of what it is consumed in the country. In Brazil, our Etanol already supplies 100% of the cars manufactured from 2005 and the Brazilian Biodiesel is the alternative most efficient to the oil diesel extracted of the oil, therefore it is renewable and biodegradvel. Still thus, the exploration of energies you...
Ukrainian A. Why not? Human feelings and qualities have no territorial or national boundaries. Q. How do you think, as a dentist, you have the opportunity succeed abroad according to your specialty? A. Sure is. I do believe that in any profession or specialty can succeed anywhere, it would wish. Striving for success, hard work, good professional quality - and success is assured. B. For me, Ukraine is a country - an enigma, very beautiful. There are many educated and intelligent people. It would seem that there are so many possibilities and potential and all the same to So far your state is developing with great difficulty. Do you think that life in Ukraine is better? You feel better living in Ukraine? A. I do not believe this issue is correct as if I did respond to it you can not understand the whole Indeed, perhaps because of different mindset, perhaps because you live in another country. There are many different nuances that can not be answered unequivocally. Frankly, the discussion of this aspect of our country to a citizen of another countries hurt my patriotic feelings. Moreover, I do not think that the economic or political situation of our country can affect the relationship between the Ukrainian women and potential husbands foreigners. Q. How do I Why do you think Ukrainian women are so popular among men around the world? A. Because they embody all the qualities that should have a real woman in every man's dream. Somehow Ukrainian connect a comprehensive love, boundless tenderness, sensitivity, where a weakness and at the same time - a furious determination, perseverance, strength, and courage.