Estonia Yosep stealing from the safe of his father, freak hunting weapons. Ends with a bloodbath at the school canteen ... The film's director said: "In Estonia itself of the kind. But we remember the tragic events of Columbine in college in 1999, when two students - 17 and 18 years old - was shot a few dozen fellow students and teachers themselves and committed suicide. 'Columbine syndrome' may hit different countries. So our movie is not so much about a particular event, but rather about causes of school violence. " So, we are faced with three questions whose answers we can truly simulate the behavior of an ideal life enters into a young man in a hostile world (after all, if we're not going to search for ideal behavior in the present, why do anything at all to read or watch?): 1. What is the motivation of students, pushing them to the humiliation of Yosepom? 2. The reasons impelled by Caspar and Yosepa to take the plunge? Could this step be any different? 3. What should substitute the enemy when burning is both cheeks? We examine these questions in order. 1. WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION OF STUDENTS, pushing them to mockery YOSEPOM? As has been said (and the film is clearly visible), children (including - teens) are without any parental attention and general attention from adults. The world is cruel to them, and they repays him in kind, as they develop in exactly as required by existing conditions subject to the strong and weak inhibiting, while fully expecting to life only for themselves and their past accomplishments, prestige and status - may be useful in the present and future.
Urban Green Areas Gabriela Almeida Da Silva 1 Summary: The work consists inside of a research on the green public spaces of the great cities. They will be boarded historical aspects, the consequences of the relation city and nature, the definition and characteristics of the main urban green areas that today are represented by the public parks, squares, gardens and arborization of avenues and highways. finally to show its function in the urban space. Words keys: urban green areas; urban planning; public spaces; lazer1. IntroduoA history of the urban green areas evolved during the time, leaving of the beginning of a garden, some famous gardens as the garden of the den and the suspended gardens of Babilnia help have to count a little histories of the green areas, therefore it is from there that the idea of modern gardens of the cities is had inside. The introduction of gardens in urban areas occurred mainly in century XIX in the Europe, China and in Egypt. When this practical if it became common in the Europe, had started to appear the first plazas and squares in Brazil in area urbansticas, mainly from the three last decades of century XIX, and thus it had a constant transformation of the public spaces in the great Brazilian cities. No longer century XX, if became common construction of landscaped squares and parques.2. Urbano and NaturezHoje the green areas if had become a reference in defense of the environment and its degradation, currently the green spaces are being taken for the urban centers. The urbanization is each more complex time, that is, the urban space tends if to more expand each time because of its productive force, and thus the partner-ambient questions enter in contradiction with the partner-economic questions. This can be reflected in the following phrase ' ' The...